Friday, June 22, 2012

3 months old!

So we are over a week late here, but we were on vacation when Eric turned 3 months.  The last month has been a big one . . . mostly because we transitioned to sleeping through the night (11 hours) without needing to eat!  This is exactly when Evan moved to sleeping through the night as well, so I will stand by the Babywise method.  I thought I was just lucky with Evan, but I think Babywise had something to do with it.  Of course, Eric is still swaddled, so we'll have to deal with that in a month or so.  Though at least then I will know that Eric doesn't need to be fed at night. 

Eric is such an easy-going little guy. He smiles, coos and giggles a lot.  He rolled from belly to back one day shy of his 3 month birthday (on June 12th).  He did it 4 times that day but hasn't tried to again, mostly because I have been slacking in the "tummy time" department.  He loves looking at faces, especially if I'm singing to him.  I took him to get his 3 month pictures the other day and he was an easy subject:
 And here are his frog pictures for the month:
And here is an interesting comparison of the two boys at the same age, same pose and half of the same outfit.  To me, they look nothing alike.  Evan was a lot bigger in weight (not height) and had begun resembling the Weiss side of the family.  Eric to me still is all Felt family.  I don't even think they look like brothers most of the time, though I see a little resemblance in this picture. 

And sadly today is my last day of maternity leave :(  I'm going to miss my quality time with Eric.  It's the only time in his life that he'll get my one-on-one attention like he has.  He has been such an easy and happy baby that it's going to make going back to work hard. 

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