Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OBX 2012

This year marked our fourth trip to the Outerbanks of North Carolina.  We absolutely love it there.  The drive isn't too far from our house (6 hours of drive-time as long as we leave at 6:00 AM).  And the beaches are incredible and empty. 

We take this picture every year and were happy to have an extra set of footprints to add to the photo this year:
Our house, the "Beach Peach" on the shores of South Nags Head.  It was gorgeous - 8 bedrooms, pool, hot-tub, elevator . . . pretty much everything you need to relax on vacation.
The view from right outside our bedroom door:
 Evan happy to be standing in a hole dug by Brian:
Checking out the ocean:
Family of four on the beach:
Eric chilling at the pool:
 One of Eric's friends - Ian was due one day after Eric and their birthdays are 6 days apart:
 Hanging out on the deck swings:
 Evan enjoyed running down the boardwalk that led to the beach every day:
 The whole crew - 5 families = 10 adults and 8 children under the age of 5:
Evan LOVED the pool.  Brian had taught him how to jump off the side at our local YMCA.  I will post video soon too of this:
He was so happy to be at the pool.  Unfortunately, he cried when we tried to put him in a flotation device so we had to hold him in there the whole time (which wasn't always easy):
Eric's first dip in the pool - he loved it too:
Boys in bicycle shirts (Eric's was a little big on him):
Two father & son pics:
 All kids in matching OBX shirts made by Dan & Lindsay.  Watching the adults try to keep the kids entertained is hysterical.  We need to get video of that one year:
More running down the deck:
 And some family photos on the beach:
And what would a vacation be without one of these flying baby photos.  Evan is getting heavy and I'm not sure how much longer Brian will be able to throw him like this.  Hopefully Eric will be as happy to fly too. 
It sure does stink to be back.  And what's even worse is that I go back to work next week :(

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