Monday, June 4, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper

The last two weekends have been spent mostly at home working out in the yard.  Evan has been a great daddy's little helper for all of the outdoor chores that we've had to do.  Here is last weekend weeding with Brian:

And here he is in a "time out", where we spend a lot of our time lately.  Brian got mad at me for using this opportunity for a photo shoot because a "time out" is the only time he sits still.  Oops!
And here is our happy man just hanging out watching all of this hard work.  In his defense, it is hard work to look so cute:
 Looking pensively off into the distance:
 And back to smiles:
This past weekend, it was time for the mulch now that all of the weeding was done.  This little wheelbarrow is a perfect size for him:
Of course, Evan won't sit for the camera anymore.  But right now, he is OBSESSED with the song "Call Me Maybe".  He asks for it everytime we get in the car and is upset when we can't make it magically appear.  Thankfully, it is on so often these days and we have Sirius radio, where we can rewind a song once it is on.  He is spoiled.  Anyway, he would come sit in his chair and fist-pump with me when the song came on the radio while we were out working.  But as soon as Brian grabbed the camera to take the picture, he got up to run away from the camera.  But Eric and I are fist-pumping at least :)

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