Monday, June 18, 2012

A Low Key Father's Day

After returning from vacation on Saturday (lots of pictures to come from that later this week hopefully), we had a very low key Father's Day at home.  Brian got to sleep in which is a real treat right now, he got breakfast in bed and 2 gifts from the boys that Evan promptly opened for him.  We spent the day relaxing, playing outside and he got to get his choice of take-out (sushi & mexican) for dinner.

Here are the boys hanging out on the couch in the morning:
 Tried to get a picture outside but Evan was not happy about it:
 Eric was more than happy to pose, though:
 And a nice afternoon nap on the couch - Brian, Eric and Lily.  Evan was up in his bed:
Happy Father's Day!  I know the boys are very lucky to have Brian as their father.

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