Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eric is 5 months old!

Our little peanut turns 5 months old tomorrow! He continues to be our sweet, happy and easy-going baby boy. He is a great sleeper - going from 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM regularly. In the past month, he has consistently flips to his belly and sleeps comfortably there.  He likes to babble non-stop.  His daycare teachers laugh at how they will put him in his crib for a nap and he will babble there for 30 minutes before falling asleep.  I don't know what we did to deserve this sleeper, but we put him into his crib wide awake and he puts himself to sleep. I have never seen anything like it.  At this age with Evan, we had to rock him until he was dead asleep and tip-toe over to his crib to place him down.  Other than that, he likes to laugh when we sing to him.  I'd say singing to him is his favorite thing right now.  If he's in a bad mood, I just start singing and he'll giggle.  He must know how awful my singing is :)  In any case, the time is flying by since Eric joined our family.  I thought it went quickly with Evan, but this is going doubly as fast. 

Here is at his 5 month photo shoot:   
And here is compared to Evan at 5 months.  Evan was definitely more skilled at sitting up than Eric at this same time.  Where Evan could fully sit up on his own at 6 months old, I'm fairly certain that Eric won't be sitting on his own in the near future.  Eric's picture looks fuzzy b/c he was falling over as the picture was being taken:  

And we went to our local park this past weekend and I got some cute pics of Eric laying in the grass.  It's been a long time since I took some photos of him - in fact, I hardly had any from his 4 month to 5 month pictures.  But since we had a relaxing weekend at home, I was able to get the camera out:
And some close ups of his sweet little face:

This week is his last week at my work day care and I am going to miss having him nearby and being able to nurse him during the day.  We'll have to get into a whole new routine and I'm a little nervous about that.  Currently, Brian drops off and picks up Evan, gets home and starts making dinner.  I will be changing to do both pick-ups now and so I will somehow have to make dinner with both of the boys to care for. It's not going to be easy but I guess I'll figure it out. 

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