Monday, August 20, 2012

Jessica's Bachelorette Weekend

This past weekend, we headed up to the Finger Lakes in upstate NY for some family time and bachelorette fun.  This first posting will be show some pics from Jessica's bachelorette party.  I am matron of honor in Jessica's wedding and this trip was her last hurrah as a single woman.  We headed to Seneca Lake for a weekend of R&R.  It was perfection.  There are really not too many more peaceful places on this earth: 
Here was the view of our hotel at sunset from our outdoor dinner table:
 Our first stop Saturday was at Glenora Wine Cellars:
Jess taught the group about your "dominant nostril", which became the joke of the trip.  In case you were wondering, supposedly one nostril is more sensitive to smell than your other one and this is the nostril that should be used for sniffing wine:
 The ladies on the deck at Glenora after sharing a bottle of wine overlooking Seneca:
Next stop was Anthony Rd for a look at the grapes:
 The ladies at Anthony Rd:
So happy to be matron of honor for Jessica's wedding.  Just one month to go!

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