Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keuka 2012

The weekend at Keuka is one of our favorites of the year: family, fun and food . . . that's what the weekend is all about.  I wish I could have been there to photograph all of the events, but here are the pics I was able to take on Friday and Sunday.  In the few hours I was there, I got so many cute photos.  Here we start with Brian, Evan & Morgan in the lake:
And Evan practicing his swimming:
And our baby girl swimming to meet her dad in the lake.  On Saturday, she actually jumped off the dock as Brian drove away in the boat.  They had to go back to "rescue" her because she would have just kept going trying to catch them.
 Morgan looking like such a cutie in her bathing suit:
The next series of pictures are from when I returned on Sunday.  Evan was in all of his glory because Uncle Cliff actually let him drive the boat.  The boat was on the slowest possible speed and supposedly, on Saturday, all Evan did was drive it in continuous circles.  Prior to this weekend, Evan was terrified of any sort of flotation devices.  We were worried he wouldn't put on his jacket and get to go on the boat.  But we called it his "special boat jacket" and that made it better for him.  He gave us no issue whatsoever:
This picture makes me laugh every time I look at.  He looks so proud and like he's really doing his best to steer the boat:
 And here I am with Evan on the boat:
 Morgan on the boat:
 And her turn driving the boat:
Now it was onto water-skiing time.  Here is Brian showing off his skills:
And Brian's photography of me skiing wasn't too great, but I was proud to get up on my skiis.  Of course, I've been sore ever since. I'm s out of shape.
 Here is Eric enjoying the lake scenery in the Baby Bjorn:
 And one last shot of Uncle Tommy sailing on Keuka:
 I'm ready for next year's trip already!

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