Friday, August 10, 2012

I recently found this old picture of myself at around the same age as Evan.  There's no denying the resemblance.  When Brian saw this, he said "aww, you looked like such a cute little boy".   My picture was also recently shown at a baby-picture-guessing contest at work.  And everyone said it looked like I was being decapitated.  The safety technology has come a long way on swingsets. 
And I have to tell this story.  Evan's vocabulary is literally growing by the minute.  It's amazing to me how much his speech has developed in the last few months.  But the other night was a first.  I got home from work and I had a skirt on.  I don't ever see Evan in the morning, so he was seeing me for the first time that day.  When I walked in, he said to me "Mommy, you look pretty."  We have really never really used the word "pretty" too much at home.  I don't know where he learned it or how to use it properly.  But it melted my heart.  He is entering a really, really sweet phase right now.  Some of the bumps we ran into when Eric arrived have definitely smoothed out.  For the first few months, being home alone with both of them was not something I was too comfortable with.  But tonight, Brian was gone at the Phillies night and it didn't seem as hard as it had in the past.  But I do want someone to please stop time because I am not ready for my babies to grow up!

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