Friday, August 3, 2012

Goshen Country Fair

Last night we headed out to the Goshen Country Fair for the evening.  Upon first arrival, Evan was terrified of one ride that was just a big loop that a roller-coaster would ride on (upside down ride).  It's not like we were asking him to ride on this - we just had to walk by it to get to the other rides.  And he was crying and saying "I don't like this."  When we finally got past the ride, he kept looking back at it like it was going to attack him. In any case, we decided to give some of the little-kid rides a try and we weren't sure how he'd react.  I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do any ride that we couldn't ride next to him on.  But he enjoyed the car ride and the carousel on which we could accompany him.  All I had was my iphone to take pics with but here are the few pictures we got:
In addition, the fair has cows, goats, sheep & chickens to look at.  He had a great time getting to pet the cows and laughed hysterically when they moo-ed.  Hopefully he'll get a little more brave on the rides as the years go on!

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