Monday, March 18, 2013

Brothers, Cousins & St Patty's Day

A few weeks ago, I put the boys into these matching shirts that they had gotten as a gift.  In order to get these photos, we of course had to promise Evan a pack of M&Ms.  This one was the best one of the most of them:

 And here you can actually see the "Lil Bro" on Eric's shirt:
And I thought this one was really cute too.  They were sort of rough-housing and making trouble.  It was cute:
The next weekend when the Schallers came to visit, we had the kids all share a bath.  They had such a good time:
And then this past weekend was St Patty's Day.  The whole family dressed in green and started off the day bowling with some friends, out for pizza and then home to relax:
Here I am with Eric.  He's wearing a "My First St Patrick's Day" shirt, even though technically it was his second St Patty's Day.  We barely even remembered his first St Patty's Day as it was the second day home from the hospital and we were all in a daze.

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