Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Little Reader

Each night Evan is not ready for bed at 8:30 when we put him in.  He's usually negotiating staying awake longer for some reason or another.  It's typically 9:30 before he actually falls asleep, with 1-2 trips out of his room to tell us he's "scared". When we ask him what he's scared of, he says "I don't know" and smiles.  He  knows that if he tells us he's scared, he generally gets a nicer response than if he just comes out of the room for no reason. Lately, he will try to read books by the light of this nightlight that projects stars onto his ceiling.  It's basically pitch black in there but we'll watch him over the monitor read to himself for at least 20 mintues.  He loves his books.  So last night after he fell asleep, I could see on the monitor that there was a book by his head. I walked in to remove it and found him with 6 books surrounding him, a few of which he was cuddling with like he would a stuffed animal.  I absolutely love this photo! 

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