Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eric's Baptism

This past week has been a busy one.  Last weekend was Eric's baptism and 1st birthday party.  And this past week he turned 1 year old!  Of course I am way behind on the pictures so I have a few posts to do in the coming days.  I'll go in chronological order just to keep things simple.  

On Sunday of last week, we got Eric baptized at St Simon & Jude church in West Chester.  We kept it small and celebrated his birthday afterwards with a party. Here he is in his little suit:
Getting lots of attention from his grandmothers before the baptism:
 And a photo with all of the grandparents:
Here is one with just Deedee & Pops:
And now just Nana & Papa:
Here is Chip (the Godfather) and Jess with Eric.  He was being so cooperative that we kept getting the pictures in the same place on the couch:
Now we made it to the church - Brian & Eric:
 Family photo:
Full body family shot (I all this my Kate Middleton engagement dress . . . if only I looked like Kate Middleton :)
The Godfather and Eric:
 Mom & son in the church:
The parents and Godparents:
The actual baptism:
The ceremony:
Eric with his Godmother, our good friend Julie.  We tried some pictures before the ceremony and he was crying hysterically.  At this point, he was much happier:
Baby brother Evan was home napping through the whole thing, which is why he's missing from the photos.  More pictures to come from the party soon!

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