Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eric's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Eric's first birthday with a small family party our house on Sunday, March 10th.  Here he is sporting his birthday shirt, ready to celebrate after napping through the first 90 minutes of the party:
Eric & me on his big day:
Family photo (minus his brother):
The birthday boy was happy to be in his new bounce house - a gift for Eric's and Evan's birthdays:
The birthday cakes - one for everyone and one just for Eric:
Megan & Claire enjoying the festivities:

Claire giving her cousin Eric a big hug.  She loves babies:

The boys hanging out on the deck:
Evan still hates his picture being taken.  I'm pretty sure we have less than 10 good photos of him this whole year:
Close up of the birthday boy:
Lily getting some attention from her "aunt" and "uncle":
And now onto the cake.  Lots of pictures of Eric eating his cake:

I think he liked it:
Evan enjoying the cake but not enjoying his picture being taken:
After everyone left, the boys had the bounce house to themselves:
And a few days later, on Eric's actual birthday, we enjoyed some more cake.  This child won't eat too many foods but he will eat cake:
 Happy birthday to our little baby boy!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.
I still need to get his last frog chair picture and post that along with his 1 year old photos and his 1 year stats . . . hopefully soon!

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