Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We headed to the Norristown Zoo on Labor Day.  It's a tiny little zoo, however the main attraction are the giraffes (or as Evan calls them, the "badraffes").  And even better, you are able to feed the giraffes, which was the whole purpose of our trip there.  Evan was in awe and loved every second of it:
Eric got a turn too:
And one last turn for Evan:
We headed to a tall platform (seen in the background on the first picture) to watch others feed the giraffes as they put their tongue through the railings to grab lettuce.
Evan even got to pet the giraffe on the nose:
Staring down at the scene, notice Eric climbing up on the crossbar.  Well, about a minute after this picture was taken, we realized he was missing a Croc on his foot.  We took a look down about 15 feet and there it was sitting in the giraffe pen.  We had to get a zookeeper to go into the enclosure to retrieve his Croc:
Sitting on an "alligator":
Love this one:
Alligator wrestling:
There was a big playground there for the kids as well.  Eric had such determination making his way to the edge of this slide:
Riding the frog:
Not sure we'll be going back to that zoo anytime soon as we have the membership to the Philly Zoo, which is much larger.  But we had a great time and the giraffe feeding was great for the boys.

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