Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farm Day - AM

Our first morning on the farm started bright and early with a 7:00 AM baby cow feeding.  We were able to bottle feed these cows which had been born on Saturday:
The farm had a lot of cats, which both boys were obsessed with.  Evan was asking if we could get a cat but we had to keep reminding him that we have a dog instead:
In love with his "favorite kitty".  When I told him I'd print out a picture of the kitty, he was even excited for that:
Next it was onto horse riding after breakfast.  Evan has asked to ride a horse for awhile now so this was  one of his favorite parts of the day:
Mr Happy riding a mini tractor:
Eric's turn on the horse:
 Next up, it was the ATV:
You can't see here, but the kittens were just out of his reach:
More kitten play time:
The whole crew went on a "tractor train" ride through the farm:
Climbing the steps in the garden:
Next up was a hay ride:
Where we went through a covered bridge:
And then it was onto the hen house to collect the eggs for the day:
And back to see the cats . . . and give them kisses . . . even if the beige cat was either missing it's eye or it was severely infected:
All of these pictures were taken before 10:30 AM.  Next post will have the afternoon's photos.  I couldn't help myself!

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  1. Super cute! Future Farmers of America! Maybe veterinarians!