Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OBX - Part 4 - Leftover Pics

A few last photos of our OBX trip.  First was this one I got of Eric on the deck after dinner one night with my iphone:
The boys got to go golfing on Tuesday, so the girls treated themselves to a "girls" day on Wednesday.  Our day involved lunch, shopping and stand-up paddleboarding.  We had a blast and here we are on our paddleboards:  
Back to the happy guys on the beach:
On boys day, all of the moms put the kids in the hot tub.  The water in the pool was way too cold for us and we turned down the temp on the hot tub to be acceptable for the kids:
Each year we take a photo of the kids on the couch in matching shirts.  This year we did a tie-dye project for our shirts
And a really cute comparison of year-over-year.  There is only one kid (Owen in green shorts) who hasn't returned after the first year.  All of the rest are the same kids, with two new additions of Eric and Ian:
And just my boys on the couch:
The whole crew hanging out on the beach:
More baby tossing:
 And one last of the boys at the ocean:
This ends our beach trip for this year.  We are already talking about next year and we'll hopefully have two full weeks at the beach as the Weiss family is going again - this time to Virginia Beach.  Too bad it's still a year away!

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