Friday, September 27, 2013

Farm Day - PM

Across the street from the B&B was some open land belonging to the farm that bordered a stream.  This is where the tire swing was located and where lots of laughs were had:

Probably my favorite picture of the bunch of Evan:
The kids were able to try to milk the cows too if they'd like, but Evan was a bit overwhelmed and opted against it.  Eric wasn't too sure what was going on:
Onto feeding the goats:
And back to the meadow for more fun.  Eric throwing rocks into the river, looking very grown up:

While Brian and Evan hit the waters on a kayak:

Evan and Eric would go back and forth many, many times to gather rocks from the gravel road to throw into the river.  They even were holding hands on their multiple trips.  It was so, so sweet:
And more throwing rocks:
Before heading back to the hen house to visit the chickens again:
At first not so sure about the chickens surrounding him:
But he didn't seem to care after a few minutes:
One special part of the day is when the owner let Evan actually drive this 60 year old antique John Deere tractor.  Evan was doing the steering all by himself, moving at about 2 MPH.  We lucked into this one as the other family that was there with us were decked in John Deere garb.  The farmer took this out for them and then let Evan (and me) take a turn:
Brian and I even got to shoot some hoops and even played a game of one-on-one.  The building in the background is where about 150 cows lived:
Evan and his favorite kitty:
If you can't tell, we absolutely adored our time away to the farm.  How could you not love this?
Without a doubt, we will be back next year.  I'm thinking of booking our reservation now for next September.

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