Sunday, September 1, 2013

OBX - Part 2 - Beach Photo Shoot

Every year I subject Brian and the boys to a photo shoot on the beach, thanks to our friend Terry who is our "photographer" each year.  Bribery is involved on Evan's part . . . and it won't be long before bribery is required for Eric.  We got one good family shot that I'm thinking I may use for our Christmas card so, for now, I'm going to keep it off the blog.  Though it doesn't look too different from this one:
While Evan isn't such a willing subject, Eric was more than happy to partake in the photo shoot.  Love this cooperative little guy:

Giving me a kiss - one of my favorites:
The boys just loving every second of the beach:
 Love the lighting on this one and Eric's blonde hair:
Checking out the scenery:
Another great one of Evan being his natural self (not posing):
He loved the ocean.  I keep asking him what his favorite thing about vacation was and he repeats "the ocean and the big waves":
This picture is over exposed - too much light.  But I just love his blue eyes in this photo:

Such a sweet moment.  Evan really loves his brother:
And what would a photo shoot be without a little "baby tossing".  Evan's pike position makes me think we could have a gymnast on our hands.  And that sky is amazing:
Another over-exposed one.  It was just so, so sunny.  But still cute:
Ad looking out onto the ocean.  Last year at this time, Eric was only 3 months old and couldn't stand.
 That's the end of the photo shoot but there are still lots more photos from the beach to come.

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