Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Evan's Winter Concert

On December 11th, Evan had his very first school concert . . . which was just adorable.  Here is the kindergarten class.  Evan was right in the middle with the navy blue sweater vest on:
And if anyone should want to watch the concert, here is the link.  The kindergarten class starts at about 12 minutes in:  Pocopson Winter Concert

Once the Kindergarten portion was done, Eric decided it would be a good time to take a nap:
After the concert, they boys actually cooperated for some photos!
With Deedee & Pops:
I love this one: 
All my parents wanted was a good picture for their Christmas card . . . and we took this one after their card was ordered:
Rare family photo, including dog:
And Evan really likes taking pictures, so we let him take over as photographer:
Some pictures I capture of Evan the photographer.  He was taking it so seriously:
More Christmas-related pictures to come soon.

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