Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas #1 with Nana & Papa

As usual, the weekend before Christmas, we head to Elmira to celebrate Christmas with Brian's family.  Thankfully, his Aunt Shelley is quite the photographer and we get some amazing pictures courtesy of her being willing to snap away with our sometimes uncooperative bunch.  We were very excited when it started snowing as, up until this point, the temperatures had been unseasonably warm and it did not feel very much like Christmas.  Here are the kids out in the snow  At first we couldn't get Eric to come out and participate:
But he soon joined in:
Evan was actually enjoying getting his photo take and looked very handsome in his Christmas outfit:
And now Eric, who was a little chilly outside:

Back in the warmth indoors, Lily made herself at home:
All of the kids on the couch:
Eric getting excited to open presents:
All of the grandkids who were there:
 Evan opening presents:
Now Eric's turn:
Cousin hugs!
And now the end of the night, with all kids in their coordinated John Deer pajamas from Nana & Papa:
This was Christmas #1 (of 3), so lots more photos to come!

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