Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas with the Weiss Side

Christmas with the Weiss family happened on 12/26 at the new Schaller house.  We managed to get a photo with all of us in it, whoever everyone cooperated.  It was a Christmas miracle!
While we didn't take any other pictures in the chaos, we did get a photographer to take pictures of the kids for a Christmas present for my parents.  And while it was a total circus show while we were actually taking the pictures, we were more than thrilled that we ended up with this one:
This on was also in the running:
Another cute one because Matthew and Evan were cracking each other up:
Both Megan and I think this is one of the best ones of the bunch.  These two boys love to talk potty talk together:
My two boys together . . . though  it was very cold this morning and you can see Eric's red nose from the cold:
Brothers laughing:
More from the blanket:
And here, they were going to throw fake snow into the air:
 And afterwards, the best picture of the two boys:
We were long overdue for an updated family photo as the last one we took was when Eric was 6 months old.  Getting 5 kids to cooperate (4 of them boys) was not easy but we were so happy with how these turned out.

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