Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Few Random Fall Photos

Took another break from blogging as the Christmas season kept us more than busy!  I'm hoping to catch up over the next few weeks, but here are a few random pictures from the fall.  First, to say we had some more leaves to handle this year was an understatement!  In our last house, we thought there were a lot.  The new house put the old one to shame . . . though at least we have some woods where we can blow the leaves into behind our house. Here are the boys enjoying the leaves:
Next are some photos from Evan's soccer team this fall.  Soccer is, by far, Evan's favorite sport.  And, as usual, he gave us trouble the very first game.  After that, he was so thrilled to be at every game and practice.  Here is the team after their last game:
Boys will be boys and had to pile on each other:
And since Brian was the coach, he got a free photo with Evan:
And one day I caught my girl looking beautiful in the sunshine of our living room.  She's getting old but still looks beautiful:
And another photo set from this fall.  After a game of freeze-tag gone wrong on a Sunday night, we sent Evan to school with this shiner on Monday morning.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  And then the very next Sunday, riding his scooter, he did a nose dive onto the street.  So there he was the very next Monday, in school, looking like someone skinned his face.  He still has a scar from that fall and it happened before Thanksgiving.
Lots more to catch up on, including NYC trip, Evan's first school concert, Christmas celebrations and more.  Let's hope the more quiet pace of the post-Christmas winter will give me more time to keep up with this blog!

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