Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Post Christmas Vacation

On December 27th, we headed to the Poconos for a little post-holiday vacation.  On our way, we stopped at the Delaware Water Gap for some hiking at the George W Childs Recreation Site.  It was a beautiful hike with lots of waterfalls:
Playing around with the shutter speed on my camera, but without a tripod, my hands were a bit shaky and the rest of the picture looks blurry:
Boys too close to the edge for me:
We hiked all the way down to the final waterfall:
Happy boys:
Throwing rocks into the pond, a favorite thing of theirs to do:
Climbing onto every rock that we walked by:
Yet another waterfall on the way back up:
A little booty shake dance at the waterfall:
The next day, we headed to Jim Thorpe to see the town and walk around.  On our way back, we stopped for a hike at Hawks Falls.  We even got someone to take our picture at the top and bottom of the falls:

Little rock climbers:
On our way out:
The rest of the vacation including meeting up with a college friend we hadn't seen in years for lunch, a daily round of bowling at the hotel, a visit to an indoor water park and a lot of relaxation.  It is amazing how well the boys get along when we are NOT at home . . . which is part of the reason we decided to go away for a few days.  When it was time to leave, the boys were whining about not wanting to go home.  So I guess that means they had a good time!

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